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Our story


Babysitterservices is an agency created by Emiliano Crespi  in 2016, when Emiliano decided to provided a service at the same time multilingual, professional, fast, flexible and safe.

Emiliano has been working in the tourism entertainment field for over 20 years, and has devoted a great part of this period working with children. “During my long experience in this line of work, I realized how much both parents and hotels need the services of experienced and capable babysitters. That’s why, in 2016, I founded an agency with the aim of providing qualified, referenced, and multilingual babysitters. What makes our agency stand out from the many similar agencies is the fact that rather than using numerous mediators, the babysitters are employed directly, not to mention insured against any possible damages to people and property. Babysitterservices is an agency with a sole point of contact, both for hotels and families travelling for work or pleasure, making the search for babysitters much quicker and simpler from a legal point of view. We offer safe and professional services so that parents can stay calm and relaxed as they entrust us with their children, leaving them free to work or enjoy a well‑deserved night off.”


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